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Plastic Fluted Grab Rail

Plastic Fluted Grab Rail

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With its textured, fluted handle, the Plastic Fluted Grab Rail is a great support to hold onto when going about your daily activities.

Get in and out of the bath safely, rise up from chairs easily and climb stairs with greater confidence thanks to this warm-touch, white polypropylene support bar that can be fixed to walls in any room or even outside.

Product Purpose

Provides additional support / stability when negotiating internal or external steps, getting in and out of a bath / shower or standing to perform tasks.

Specification Rail diameter: 36mm (1½").
Rail to Wall Clearance: 50mm (2").
Max Load Weight 95kg(15st)
Special Information Screw fixings not included. Please note that when installing any grab bars, it is important that the wall selected is suitable to sustain the grab bar. Make sure the grab bar is firmly fixed to the wall with appropriate fixings before use.
Colour White
Brand NRS Healthcare
Size 450mm (17¾ inches)
Excluding VAT £5.30
Including VAT £6.63