Large Key Safe

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Product Code: M46183


With large capacity storage, this Large Key Safe can hold large keys for Yale locks (5 Lever British Standard locks).

Giving secure access to visitors with a coded lock, it also benefits from an automatic reset whenever it's opened or closed preventing the mistake of not resetting it manually and leaving it unlocked.

In addition, the neoprene weather proof cover is disguised as an electricity hub so as not to raise suspicion. Easy to install with no maintenance required, this key safe is tough, made from Zinc Alloy.

Please ensure the code is recorded before the safe is closed.


Product Purpose

Secure way to allow multiple visitors to have access to a property without a large volume of keys being in circulation.

Specification External: H131 x W62 x D59mm (5 x 2½ x 2¼")
Internal: H110 x W56 x D25mm (4¼ x 2¼ x 1")
Brand Other
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