Extra Loud Doorbell with Flashing Strobe Light

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Product Code: M52882


With a volume level of up to 94dB this wireless door chime has a range of up to 100m and comes with a choice of 8 different chime sounds. It has a large blue/white strobe light ideal for users with hearing impairments. Once matched to a bell push it will retain its code setting, even when the batteries are changed.

Requires 1 x CR2032 battery (included) and 3 x C batteries (not included).


Product Purpose

Alerts a person with a hearing impairment that someone is at the door.

Specification Range: up to 100m
Flashes approximately 30 times in 10 seconds
Diameter: 75mm (3”)
Height (front): 85mm (3½”)
Height (back): 140mm (5½”)
Brand Other
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