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Doro Secure 580 Simple Mobile Phone

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Product Code: N11254


Designed to be easy to read, the screen of the Doro Secure 580 Simple Mobile Phone is large and clear in full colour.

The phone features four large and easy to push backlit buttons, as well as an SOS button on the back for emergencies. This can send an SMS alarm to pre-set numbers, along with a GPS location report to those who receive the message. The cover is waterproof, making it a very convenient and robust device.


Product Purpose

The Doro Secure 580 Simple Mobile Phone is a great mobile communication tool for anyone with dementia, poor hearing or sight loss.

Specification Size: 127 x 56 x 15mm (5 x 2¼ x ¼").
Weight 100g (31?2oz).
Brand Doro
Excluding VAT £159.97
Including VAT £199.96