Derby Tap Turners (Pair)

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Product Code: N54034


Fits crosshead and crystal taps, making them easier to turn.

The Derby Tap Turner is an economical alternative to replacing taps. They are easily and quickly fixed to most crosshead and crystal taps without the use of any tools. An internal rubber coating ensures an effective grip with smooth operation and with protection for the tap.

The design makes the operation of taps easier. The handle has a rubber moulding to give a firm and controllable grip. The Derby Tap Turner is made of plastic, and is therefore rust proof and always warm to touch. The Derby Tap Turners have colour coded handles to clearly identify hot and cold taps.


Product Purpose

Enables people with reduced hand function or weak grip to turn taps on and off in bathroom or kitchen.

Specification Handle Length: 90mm (3½”)
Cross Head (Capstan) Tap Diameter: 40 - 60mm (1½ - 2½”)
Crystal Tap Diameter: 48 - 60mm (1¾ - 2½”)
Brand Langham
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