Batwing Pillow and Pillowcase

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Product Code: M93392


The Batwing Pillow is an ideal support for use in bed or in a large armchair. The back section is very well padded, like a conventional cushion but the wings provide additional lateral support, keeping the user cradled in a comfortable and healthy upright position. It provides particularly good support for the lumbar area. Helps relieve aches and pains. Also included is the Pillowcase which is specifically designed to fit the Batwing Pillow.

Both can be Machine washed and Tumble dried on a low heat.


Product Purpose

Increases comfort and provides shoulder / head support when sitting in bed or armchair.

Specification Pillow:- 800 x 800mm (31½ X 31½")
Cover to fit Pillow
(All measurements are approximate)
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Including VAT £0.00