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The Hold It™ Book Holder

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Product Code: M35331


When holding your book is strenuous on your wrists and hands, use the The Hold It™ Book Holder for a pain-free reading experience.

Height adjustable and free-standing, this lightweight aluminium stand can hold books weighing up to 4kg and features page holders, which allow you to turn pages with one hand. They also keep pages in place, regardless of the angle you choose. The tray can also be used for writing or typing on your laptop and is ideal for use whilst you're in bed, your wheelchair or at a desk.


Product Purpose

Hands free reading for those with reduced hand function.

Specification Telescopic pole adjusts height up to 1400mm (35½")
Arm reaches 600mm outwards (15")
Product Weight: 21kg (46lb)
Weight 21kg (49lb)
Brand Other
Excluding VAT £285.78
Including VAT £357.22