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Solo Call Bed Sensor Alarm Kit – Complete Set With Mat

Solo Call Bed Sensor Alarm Kit – Complete Set With Mat

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Product Code: N85560


The Solo Call Pager, Transmitter and over-bed mattress Sensor Mat kit picks up an alarm signal, within a 30 metre range, when a sensor mat is activated and can be set with an audio alarm, vibration alarm or both. It also flashes in each of these modes to draw attention to an activation. The broken link indicator light will flash on the pager if it loses contact with, or goes out of range of, the transmitter.

The pager has an alarm volume level of 85dB and comes with belt clip. It also has a USB docking station with 1150mm (45 1/4") cable and integral rechargeable battery. A USB mains adaptor can be used but is not included.

The transmitter has a wall mounting bracket and can be set to alarm instantly, or have a 2 second delay to help avoid false alarms caused by people moving around in bed. The transmitter requires 2xAAA batteries, which are not included.

For replacement mats you can purchase product M66170 separately.


Product Purpose

Detects movement from the bed or chair.

Specification Pager & Transmitter 62x95x17mm (2½x3¾x½") each.
Mat 760x250mm (30x10")
Brand Lifemax
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Including VAT £150.17