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Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion)

Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion)

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Supporting weights up to 450kg, the Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) makes a huge difference to carers with patients who are unable to get up after a fall. Operating with low air pressure, this ingenious inflatable cushion can gently lift patients up from the floor.

Its compact design means it's usable in small spaces as well and helps to reduce carer strain. Supplied with an Airflow compressor.

Product Purpose

Enables a carer to lift someone (up to 70 stone) safely after a fall.

Specification Max height: 560mm (22")
. Seat depth: 500mm (20").
Width: 570mm (22½").
Weight: Cushion 3.6kg (8lb) Airflo 24 Compressor: 4.1kg (9lb)
User Weight Limit 450kg(70st)
Weight 3.6kg (8lb)
Excluding VAT £1,841.28
Including VAT £2,301.60